How It Works

We take a number of 360 degree shots.

Warning: The camera can see EVERYTHING around it in all directions, so it is advised to clear the area of clutter and members of the public.

A photoshoot can typically take around an hour.

The images are captured remotely, so we will need to be able to enter and leave the room repeatedly.

The images are created from a number of shots that are automatically stitched together. As a result of this, it is not advised to attempt to capture moving objects.

In the viewer, the camera locations move from left to right. For best results, decide where you would like the tour to start from with this in mind and plan how it will progress. We can help you with this.

At each location, we will ask you for a Title for that shot, then any items that you would like labelled/linked. Looking from the top of the point that the image is captured from, we will require the information to be ordered from left to right.

We then process the tour, collating all of the information. We can digitally alter the images/colours if required (i.e. remove sensitive information). For an average tour, we aim to complete the whole process within 7 days.